Annie Idibia, 2face Come Under Backlash As Their 13-Year-Old Daughter Drives A Car

Nollywood actress Annie Idibia and her husband 2face have been dragged online for reportedly breaking the law, over the action of her 13-year-old daughter, Isabel.

Naija News reports that Annie took to her Instagram page to share a video of Isabel taking her driving lessons in her absence.

The mother of two, who seemed surprised, warned that her daughter must not be seen driving outside the estate they live in.

She captioned the video: “oh my God, my 13-year-old is driving, please oo, she isn’t allowed to drive outside our estate, someone is in trouble”

However, many Nigerians have tackled her with claims that her daughter is breaking the law and could be punished for such actions, considering the minimum age for driving is 18.

sophiaofthegoodlife wrote: “u re wrong. Normally she would ve been arrested. Why is she driving”

osahonplux wrote: “Is this supposed to be an achievement? She’s breaking the law and you’re applauding her for it.”

iamasurf wrote: “This is a crime though Unlawful, indecent and bad training “

thrift_collector wrote: “When the authorities come for you, I don’t want to hear justice for whatever oh”

mazaramaa wrote: “It’s against the law in Nigeria, don’t put my lil Isabel in trouble. Na big she big, she still be small pikin biko.”

dami.adetunji wrote: “This information wasn’t necessary. If you ask me, it should be left in your gallery. If at all you post it, it shouldn’t pass your family WhatsApp group”

mevenasplace wrote: “Congrats we are happy for this news but please anytime you see people insulting your family don’t blame them .Is it that you people can’t keep secret again,keep it within your immediate family,throw your party and don’t drag your kids into all these mess.Your’e to protect these kids and not expose them to the world.”

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